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This poem is one of the fondest memory I have with my mother who loved to write poetry. She helped me write this poem when she was 86 years young. The story goes that when she was a young girl, she had a love that never bloomed. She later was to marry my father, but never forgot her first love, Ben DePue. There is an old saying that says "Like mother-Like daughter;" and so it is true. So together, we wrote the following poem. And I dedicate this page to her and to all the love she gave to us girls over the years.

Wait At The Gate
By: Lana Hollenback & Catherine Gregory

If you get there before I do
Tell all my friends I'm coming to
Then greet the master and don't be late
And then go back to the gate and wait.

Watch for me cause I'm coming to
Don't despair if I'm a day or two
I'll wave to friends who won't be few
But my heart and eyes will be looking for you.

The circle's complete when at last we meet
Never to part there once we greet
So you my dear are a part of me
So wait at the gate but wait patiently.