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The Search

Last night as I lay sleeping
Took a walk down memory's lane
Saw a lot of old friends and faces
Said hello to everyone that came

I asked about a special friend
That I had yet to find
They pointed me in all directions
Assuring me that him I'd find

I looked in all the old homesteads
Where as a child I lived and found my essence
Fear now gripping my soul
Until in the last one I sensed his presence

He didn't stay quite long enough
He was there but then he vanished
I knew I had to find him so off to school I went
Knowing that I would find him before I finished

At first no sign of him through grade school and middle
I searched in all the hallways and new he had to be around
Knowing he had to be somewhere or else my memory failed
But give up I couldn't until my friend was found

Then I remembered one last place that I'd forgot to look
Twas in a country town where high school had abound
I caught the bus and rode to school, his presences everywhere
I could feel him, just had to look around

walked the hallways one by one and entered every classroom
I felt him there with me yet his face I did not see
I longed again to see his face, to touch that friend of mine
But when I asked about him, they said he'd gone to sea

All to soon he vanished from my very sight
As day turned into night, depression settled in on me
I could not move or else I'd die for he had gone away
I tried to blame a lot of things but settled on the sea

The years have come and gone now, his eyes I'll not forget
Buried deep within this soul of mine is a friend I want to keep
Now night is slowing going and dawn is coming close
I want to visit more with him if I can stay asleep

Alas the day's upon me as I shake free to start my chores
The busy things I do today will fill this vacant spot within
But tonight I'll search again for him as I lay upon my bed
Where time nor space can't enter in and I can dream again of him