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No Fool Like an Old Fool
When It Comes to Loving You

They told me time's a healer and I believed just what they said
I took all my memories packed them up and put them all to bed
Sealed them with pretty ribbons and bows so no one would know
And I wouldn't have to view them and they wouldn't grow

There's no fool like an old fool and I sure fit the bill
To know that I believed them made my walk seem all uphill
I knew that time would heal the memories of the past
And I'd never have to feel them, because they'd never last

Then one day you came waltzing back from out of the past
But time had moved on and many years had passed
But I knew that I could handle all the memories at last
That you'd remain a friend to me and help me face the past

I thought that I could handle all the memories of the past
I had no way of knowing that the pain would always last
With the tug on the ribbon, I pulled off the bows
And though I try to face you, I bowed beneath the load

Now the pain comes in knowing I can't turn back the clock
All the memories I had of you have now been all unlocked
And all the years of loving you are now all unpacked
My heart stands silent as it is beared and all unmasked

Wouldn't have it any other way as memories re-flood my soul
And the love that I have for you has never grown old
To call you friend in our latter years means more to me than gold
My heart will always love you and as friends we will grow old