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Getting to know us...

We are orginally from Ashville, Ohio and we moved to Fort Myers Florida in 1986 after spending three month in Guatemala as missionaries with Youth With a Mission. We currently are involved with Calvary International Ministries, Inc., serving the criminal justice system here in Florida.

Dick works construction while I, Lana Faye, run the ministry from our home and work with Pigs As Pets Association on education, rescue and placements. We have four son, all grown and working and now all out on their own. They are Gregory, 36 yrs,, and father of Nathan, age 14 and Gregory, age 11; Drew, 20 yrs, and is the Step-father to Ania who is 3yrs old and father to Brian Austin and is married to LaShawnda, and Rick, 34 yrs and lives in Lehigh Acres Florida and is Crystals father, Rick also has a new wife, Yvonne and two new beautiful step daughters who are almost grown; and last but not least is Robert Leo who is 28 yrs old and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My mother, Nancy Catherine Gregory, lives with us and shares our home. Mother is 86 yrs old and has been very active in prison ministry over the last twelve year.

We all have the same passion for helping people and animals, as you will see in the following pages. So come on along and meet the whole family.

This is how grandpa spends his evenings. Meet Ania and Brian.
This was taken at Rick and Yvonne's wedding reception at their home in Leigh Acres, Florida. Behind the sofa are Yvonne's two daughers and mother; then mom, myself, Dick, Greg; down in front is Rick and his new bride and the one making the face is Gregors. They had a very private wedding out in the middle of a field in Leigh. They are all beautiful and we love them all dearly.
Now this is my man. Snuggling down for a long winters nap with Sam. Sam is a 7 year old potbellied pig who Dick adopted from a local rescue group.
Here's mom and AbbyD. Mom is not only Granny to a lot of inmates and ex-cons, but she is also Granny to Gordy, Sam, AbbyD, and Bridgett.
Abby is now 5 yrs old and as beautiful as ever.
Gordy use to sleep on my lap and now I think we're the same size. But he's still the apple of our eye. That's our Gordy and he is now 5 yrs old.
Drew and Lana

Penny has now found a loving home and she even gets to sleep in their bed. Her new residence is now up in Pasco Co., FL.

This is our beautiful Bridgette who is now 2 1/2 years old and is still our baby.

Hi, My name is Gordy and I am the most beautiful, handsome potbellied pig in the whole world. If you don't believe me, ask my Dad and Mom. They say I am the apple of their eye just like David was the apple of God's eye. David, like me, got in trouble a lot, yet he was very much loved....Just like ME!